The PurpleState™ Social Network: How Will It Work?

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

If the 2016 Presidential election taught us anything, it is that there is a widespread and rapidly expanding demand for candidates that are not part of the old guard that controls the two major parties.

The PurpleState™ initiative intends to use our Production By Demand (PBD) business model to harness that demand and grow a strong, vibrant supply of independent candidates for the electorate to choose from. The key to this objective is to establish a social media network that has the capability to propel these candidates to the general election by fully embracing the technological tactics used by the outsider candidates that dominated presidential politics during the last election cycle.

The features of this platform will provide voters with a powerful and unprecedented set of tools to nominate, evaluate, support and engage with potential candidates. The combination of these features will result in a viable alternative to the current partisan-controlled primary process.

The following are examples of the features that will make the PurpleState™ Platform successful.

Rating System Our platform is based on ratings and algorithms that are presented in a format all Amazon users will be familiar with. All candidates and policies on the PurpleState™ network will be rated like products on ecommerce websites. Both candidates and voters will be able to submit ideas for legislation and policy. Candidate data and all policy proposals will be categorized and indexed for searches and trend up or down in rank as users engage with them.

As users rate candidates and policy, the PurpleState™ algorithm will combine that information with metrics that quantify and qualify the value of users and their content. The result: the highest ranking candidates will be poised to implement the most popular and effective policies as a verifiably representative leader.

Voter Profiles In a similar way that networks like YouTube and Facebook provide a customized experience with alerts, favorites, and recommended content, PurpleState™ will offer voters relevant information and suggestions based on their activity and preferences so that they are consistently engaged.

In their profiles, voters will be able to do the following:

  • Follow and support candidates

  • Apply for status as an Elector or Ballot Access Volunteer in their location

  • Form groups to organize with other voters

  • Send and receive invites for debates, town halls and other activities

  • Add content to express their core opinions on issues

  • Review their newsfeed to stay up to date on their choice of issues

  • Send and receive direct messages from other users

In addition to amplifying voter influence, user profiles offer a new, more accurate, less biased source of polling and voter demographic data. As users participate within the network, they are organically generating data that can be used as a more precise measure of public opinion than current polling methodology. This is both a powerful tool for promoting the users’ consensus and for shaping PurpleState™ candidates’ agenda. Candidates will be forced to adjust their positions according to the interests of their base instead of relying on inaccurate polling data or anecdotal evidence.

Candidate Profiles Presidential hopefuls on PurpleState™ will have a unique competitive advantage because the network is designed to enable broad and effective political organization at every level. Potential candidates will either launch a campaign on their own or in response to a nomination from within the network. As we spread our message throughout social media, users on other platforms will also be encouraged to send invitations to people they believe would make good candidates. When a user decides to enter the race as a candidate, he or she will be prompted to complete a profile that catalogs their qualifications and the specific details of their agenda.

The entire process is intended to empower voters by forcing candidates to be more accessible and accountable. In order to obtain a national following, the candidates must leverage the technology carefully to demonstrate their capability to represent users’ interests.

Candidate profiles would include all of the personalization available in voter profiles as well as:

  • Newsfeed or “Daily Briefing” containing information about trending topics and content.

  • Reports on current ranking and supporter activity

  • Campaign schedule

  • Update positions and policies

  • Publish content

  • Communicate directly with voters

  • Send and receive direct messages and invitations to events

  • Appoint and manage a remote campaign staff

  • Delegate communications from voters to campaign staffers

  • Publish status updates on the newsfeed

Candidates for local and state offices can also create a profile on PurpleState™. Voters in their region will be notified when they announce their candidacy on the network.

“First 100 Days” Timeline

Users can utilize this feature to prioritize the issues they are most concerned with. A common theme during any campaign for president is what they will accomplish during their first 100 days.

In their profile, voters will list the priorities they want their ideal candidate to focus on in the first 100 days of their presidency. Candidates will list the specific actions they intend to take during that period. The platform will inform voters of how closely each candidate’s priorities match their own in two ways. If a candidate is closely matched to a voter, they will be notified by alert and can review or search a list of these alerts in their profile. If they are reviewing a candidate’s profile, it will display a 100 Day Match icon.

The 100 Days timeline feature will allow both voters and candidates a clear and effective way to promote their interests with a level of influence that has not been possible before.

Soapbox Speeches

Users will be able to upload or live stream self-recorded speeches to “The Soapbox” via webcam which will expand opportunities for both voters and candidates to be heard. Like all social networks, users will have an opportunity to speak out on issues of importance from their perspective. The primary difference on PurpleState™ is that ideas submitted in this intensely focused and interconnected political environment will have a much greater potential of being heard and trending with other users. As a result, a user’s impact can spread exponentially and have a wider influence on the national conversation than ever before.


The Trump Campaign utilized a seedbed social media strategy. Similar to how Twitter creates seedbeds of followers for their users, PurpleState™ will allow candidates to form “bases” of voters. Users will be able to join these bases in order to receive direct messaging from their favorite candidates in the same way that Trump was able to directly message his Twitter followers during and after his campaign.

Live-streamed “Town Hall Meetings” With Chat Q & A Capability

Candidates will be allowed to schedule “town hall events” that are announced to members of the candidate's base and promoted by voters inside and outside the platform. Users can accept invitations to town halls in a similar way to how they would reply to an invite for events on current social media platforms. Live questions can be submitted using a chat window during the town halls for Q & A opportunities so that voters can engage further. Voters that tune into these meetings can rate the candidate's performance afterward.


Candidates can challenge other candidates to debates and accept debate challenges from other candidates. Refusing or losing challenges will lower the candidates rating while winning debates will result in an increase in rank. This feature will function similar to Skype, Snapchat, and other video-conferencing platforms. Challenge winners and losers will be determined by user votes cast within the 24 hour period after the debate ends.

PurpleState™ will offer a variety of different debate formats with different configurations and sources of debate questions, answer time limits, duration, audience composition, and other factors. Debates could feature any variation of the following components:

  • two or multiple candidates

  • single issues or ranges of issues

  • moderated by individuals or panels

  • feature questions from various sources (PurpleState™ users, members of the media, outside experts, etc.)

In short, there will be many innovative and challenging formats that give voters a chance to see their favorite candidates in a variety of different debate scenarios.


PurpleFacts™ is the part of our content rating system and algorithm specifications that is designed to weed out the kind of erroneous and misleading information we know as fake news.

Fact checking websites such as PolitiFact, Snopes and FactCheck use a model that requires professionals to manually research the many statements that are made as part of current political discourse. The PurpleFacts™ feature processes submissions by users requesting validation of the truth or falsehood of a political claim by presenting them to the user base for evaluation. Voters will rate and comment on the fact in question and a consensus will emerge that is expressed as “0%-100% Purple.”

PurpleFacts™ will combat the phenomenon of “alternative facts” in partisan politics, encouraging political operatives to craft their rhetoric around that consensus instead of relying on whatever partisan interpretation fits their narrative.

Using all of these features, top tier candidates will be determined based on their merit as revealed by their ranking in debates, speeches, base size, town hall performances, PurpleFact™ adherence, and how well their first 100 day timeline matches with the majority of PurpleState™ voters.

The PurpleState™ initiative can be defined as a people-driven effort to establish a digital, multimedia platform designed to allow users to select or run as independent candidates.

If you support our initiative and want to get involved, go to our Get Involved page and find out more about how you can help.

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