Patriotism and the Color Purple

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Choosing a nonpartisan name for our initiative was challenging because we are living in a hyper-partisan country. The nation is facing a variety of problems that are reaching critical levels and there is a shortage of solutions due to the crippling, divisive effect of partisan politics.

Instead of working to find common ground on which to create policy, politicians are perpetually focused on delivering disingenuous, unproductive, and polarizing rhetoric that never really seems to move the needle.

Decades of inaction on a host of crucial issues has created a void filled with empty rhetoric and deep divisions that are affecting our daily lives. From the significant increase in activism to the general tone of frustration felt at many kitchen tables, it is becoming more apparent that systematic change is in order. The people need to break the cycle of partisan politics and we believe they now have the power to do so.

We created the PurpleState™ Initiative in response to our own frustration as consistently disappointed voters. We named this initiative PurpleState™ for the following reasons:

1. The Purple Heart

The Purple Heart was introduced by George Washington as the "Badge of Military Merit". When the Continental Congress would not allow him to grant commissions or promotions, President Washington created this now iconic badge of honor so that members of the military could be recognized for their valor. Washington believed that those who demonstrated merit should be distinguished for doing so.

Our initiative is focused on nonpartisan voters and candidates. It is no surprise then that the only independent president would factor into our brand. In his farewell address, Washington warned of the potential dangers of parties. His life and words serve a symbol of bravery, independence, and merit as does the medal he created.

Our mission is to establish a process in which candidates are vetted directly by the American people on the basis of merit, independence, bravery, and valor. In name, symbolism, and substance, the Purple Heart is an integral part of the inspiration behind our name.

2. The Color Purple

No, not the movie, and sorry for the misleading titles.

First, people like the color purple. Historically speaking, purple is often associated with royalty, piety, and justice. In America, the People are the royalty. We have the power to decide the course of the nation because we are charged with deciding who the country's representatives are. We want the people to claim their power over parties by lending their support to replace partisan politicians with independent ones. We embraced this color because we thought it would help to remind voters that real change is within their grasp.

Second, red and blue makes purple and we need unity if we hope to solve our vast problems. Simple, but accurate.

3. Purple States

It wasn't until the 21st century that the American news media came to a consensus on which colors represented which of the major parties. Virtually all voters now recognize which color belongs to which major party.

Most of us know what the news media is referring to when they use the term, "purple state". In short, these are states that are not dominated by democrats or republicans. They are also referred to as "battleground states" and "swing states" which was appealing to us because we want more competitive candidates.

In the last election, 11 states were identified as purple states. This fact stands in stark contrast to the reality that there are more voters that identify as independent than those who are affiliated with either of the major parties. We take all of this as an indication that the current state of partisan politics leaves a majority of independent voters without proper representation.

PurpleState™ is truly a manifestation of what the term "purple state" is meant to convey. Those nonpartisan voters deserve a platform on which to make their voice heard as opposed to being effectively drowned out by party agendas.

The PurpleState™ initiative can be defined as a people-driven effort to establish a digital, multimedia platform designed to allow users to select or run as independent candidates.

If you support our initiative and want to get involved, go to our Get Involved page and find out more about how you can help.

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