A Purple Wave in the Our Elections?

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

All politics is local to some extent according to conventional wisdom.

Although presidential politics is the indisputable focus of most American voters, it is clear that individuals can affect the most direct change in our government by being involved at the local level.

PurpleState™ can do more than just revolutionize the race for president. Our infrastructure for organizing political agendas and campaigns can easily be adapted for local political races. In effect, the only difference between a local race and a national, presidential campaign is the need for a reality show. In this case, participation on the PurpleState™ platform should suffice.

Although anyone can view content on our platform, registered users of PurpleState™ will have the ability to participate in state and local candidate selection and policy discussions in their region.

PurpleState™ users will disclose their location in their profiles. Users who live in the same location have the ability to nominate candidates or run for office. Once there are active, local candidates on the platform, their profiles and content will be recommended to other users in their area.

Voters will be able to save their favorite local candidates in their profiles and refer to them on election day. In the same way that top-tier candidates will emerge as contestants on the PresidentElect™ reality show, the highest rated candidates in local elections will receive the full support of PurpleState™ users in their races. This support will include ballot access, fundraising, and all the organization necessary to be a true contender in each of these races. Local candidates should also have the benefit of riding the coattails of the PurpleState™ presidential candidate.

With wide-spread, independent political organization in all parts of the country, there could well be a purple wave in coming election cycles.

The PurpleState™ initiative can be defined as a people-driven effort to establish a digital, multimedia platform designed to allow users to select or run as independent candidates.

If you support our initiative and want to get involved, go to our Get Involved and find out more about how you can help.

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